The Solution Oriented Church

The Lord longs to draw people to Himself through his kindness, not His judgements (Romans 2:4), He longs to show the world the goodness of His heart. He is a creative God longing for His people to ask Him for creative solutions to the world’s most pressing needs. When we’re not ministering lovingkindness to the world by seeking and administrating God-given creative solutions - we lose influence, we lose the saltiness, that is, our mandate to be the world’s preservative and flavouring. How far have we fallen? Are we asking, seeking? Knocking? It’s a sad state of affairs when we become more known and feared for our crusades, agendas, politics, or brand of finance, rather than Divine invention and intervention that benefits the world around us. Truly as much as it pains me that the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris burnt (I am a lover of art and all things beautiful and Parisienne) and with the cross standing in stark contrast to the charred interior - the prophetic symbolism was not lost on me. What is hazardous to our eternal self needs to be removed, until the simplicity and beauty of the cross is revealed in us. The Scriptures are clear that we can minister in His name, yet be completely missing God’s heart if we don’t have love (1 Cor. 13:2, Matt. 7:21-23). Truth without love is legalism and it destroys (2 Cor. 3/6). Love without Truth doesn’t exist, as both are a person, a Spirit, and draw people wherever fear hasn’t been given permission to control. What we give permission to, we empower. Motives are not easily discerned as they’re often cloaked in half truth and lies about half truth. Submission "on demand" ignores the deep need of the lives around us. We fight fire with fire and wonder why barrenness prevails. Living water is supposed to flow from within us to refresh and revive a parched world. How are we using our natural and spiritual gifts to follow Jesus in refreshing, reviving, and saving our world?


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Magda (Magdalena) Leaker CPLC

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