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My earliest personal encounter with God was at age 6, in a forest meadow in British Columbia, where I was camping with my family.  While I was busy picking up sticks, a voice suddenly surrounded me, soft, yet powerful, and huge, like a voice of many waters.  I heard the voice with my physical ears, and stood straight up, forgetting about the sticks, looking up and around before running to my mother.  The voice spoke one sentence.  In that sentence He identified Himself (God), spoke my name, and blessed me.

Throughout my life He has continued to speak to me through dreams, visions, impressions, sensing, discernment, supernatural experiences, the world around me, events, circumstances, and other people.  I have experienced His healing power in body and soul. His presence shaping, moulding, protecting, accompanying, guiding, comforting, teaching, empowering, refining, leading, asking, and blessing.  

He has designed each one of us for this close relationship with Him, synergy of Spirit to Spirit, of authentic relationship with Love who revealed Himself through Jesus Christ and continues to do so through Holy Spirit today.  This is not religion, but fellowship.  We're not meant to walk alone, but as beloved children, sons and daughters: seen, honoured, empowered, and covered, and then multiply that to our spheres of influence.

In response to God's leading I chose the coaching profession as one of the ways I can encourage, strengthen and empower others.  I am an alumni of the                                                                                       and have earned my Certified Professional Life Coach certification (CPLC).  I'm an active member of a live, online, spirit coaching group, consisting of  coaches from all over the world participating in interactive mentoring with                                         and each other.

I am also a prophetic painter and poet, part of the volunteer core leadership group at my local church, flower grower/photographer (instagram!), movie watcher (go Marvel!), and coffee enthusiast (thank you Jesus).  I am blessed to be a mother of two precious daughters and wife to my wonderful husband for over 25 years.  We are active and tithing members of the local Church family in beautiful south-eastern Ontario.


If you would like to learn more about how Life or Spirit coaching, Deep Talk, or Dream Interpretation could serve you in this season of your life, please click          to learn more.  It would be my  honour to be invited to come alongside you in your journey.

Abundant blessings,


(Magdalena) Leaker CPLC

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“It has been beautiful to get to know Magdalena and share hearts together. She is relational, passionate, integrous, sensitive, can go deep, but also is light and has a great sense of humour and provides a safe place in her coaching sessions. She also has such a beautiful heart and passion for His presence. These are beautiful attributes that resonate in her coaching sessions. Coaching sessions with her are transformational and so encouraging. Thank you Magdalena for becoming a life coach. You will be blessed to get to know her and enjoy coaching sessions with her for sure!”


Miranda De Bruin

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Hi there!  If you would like to inquire about, or proceed with any Nebiah services, please don't hesitate to contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Magda (Magdalena) Leaker CPLC

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