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Testimonials: Testimonials

For those who are external processors, Deep Talk sessions are made for you!! You have to try it. I always start my talk with “I am not sure where this conversation will go”...... and I am never surprised that clarity, understanding, and revelation comes by the end of the Deep Talk session. Magda is supportive, has a caring ear, and great insight. It is amazing and an experience that will change your life. #1 fan of Deep Talk session!


I came to Magda to help me with a few issues I have been wrestling with. She really helped me process the realities of the issues and come to a conclusion with some great practical action steps for me to take.  I truly walked away with more clarity, more hope, and the possibility to do everything I had swirling inside me. It was like the wall I was standing in front of became a door that I could easily walk through. I appreciate her helping me see a different perspective and the support to take my thoughts and put them into action. Magda is a great coach and I would recommend her to anyone!


I loved my time with Magda! I engage with different coaches from time to time, but I have felt most deeply understood and safe during Magda’s session.  As a feeler, it is easy to pick up whether the coach is frustrated, or irritated, or sorting through a negative reaction within them (although very subtle) and maintain peace as they coach.  I really did not experience any of that with Magda! She was calm, immensely peaceful, and very embracing throughout the session.  She also has given me very deep insights through her sharp discernment about things I could not have reached myself.  This is why even as a certified spirit coach myself, I highly value Magda’s sessions.  I really recommend sessions for those who need some help in ongoing patterns of pain or blocks in their life.  It’s an opportunity you do not want to miss!  I promise you will have amazing breakthrough revelation and emotional freedom that comes from it!

Atsuko Izutsu

Coach Magda follows the lead and prompting of Holy Spirit. She speaks truth with love and compassion.  Her direct questioning helped bring my mind out of a state of confusion and into a state of peace and arrow driven purpose. I am blessed to have her as my Spiritual coach. #blessedclient

Donna W., Pastor's Wife

Initially, I decided to work with Magda because I wanted to break out of mindset blocks that I felt were keeping me stuck. I was hoping that it would translate to me moving forward with my brand/business. After reflecting on our time together, I realize that working with Magda gave me something much better. As I showed up session after session, I became more sure of myself and the way that I felt the Lord was leading me—even when that way led me in the complete opposite direction of what I thought that I desired. I greatly appreciated Magda’s stretching questions and loving affirmation. I felt heard, supported, and understood throughout the process. She is an absolute treasure of a coach and working with her greatly impacted my journey during a season of major transition.

Brandi D.

I have found it very rare to find people who can listen with intent and also be very straight forward and pointed in their questions after listening. It seems they do one or the other, but Magda does both with such natural ease. Life Coach training aside, Magda has an actual gift and intuition for hearing what you are saying, noticing some of the smallest details in what you have said and then asking just the right questions to bring you to an “ah ha” moment. After my first session with Magda I felt like my seemingly insurmountable goal had been broken down into manageable steps and there was actually hope on the horizon. She didn’t tell me what to do, she just asked all the right questions to bring me to a place where I could get on the right track. And she doesn’t stop there, Magda has helped keep me accountable for the goal I want to achieve. For those of us that want to get out of the hamster-wheel we are stuck in, a professional of Magda’s high caliber is invaluable.


It has been beautiful to get to know Magdalena and share hearts together. She is relational, passionate, integrous, sensitive, can go deep, but also is light and has a great sense of humour and provides a safe place in her coaching sessions. She also has such a beautiful heart and passion for His presence. These are beautiful attributes that resonate in her coaching sessions. Coaching sessions with her are transformational and so encouraging. Thank you Magdalena for becoming a life coach. You will be blessed to get to know her and enjoy coaching sessions with her for sure!

Miranda De Bruin

Magdalena is a gentle coach whose gift of prophecy helped me keep the Holy Spirit and my Christian values at the centre of our conversations. I was able to achieve my goals and feel good about aligning myself with God's will for my life.

Jodi Nelson

I am an entrepreneur and coaching with Magda allowed me to create a structure for my time to allow for more productivity and more time with my family.  My business has grown, my health has improved and most importantly I experienced powerful spiritual awareness and am growing in new ways in my identity as a child of God.  I’m grateful for Magda’s insights and spiritual discernment and to her strength in being part of my team as I move forward towards my dreams and goals.

Jenn W.

Having a life coach was something I thought was for anyone but myself.  Taking this journey with Magda not only challenged and channeled my inner strength and spiritual connection but allowed me to have a professional confidant to listen, care, and encourage my thoughts, my ambitions, my goals, my dreams, and my connection with God. Everything that mattered to me whether negative or positive was viewed, discussed, and a plan of care was put in place. It’s empowering to not only see, but live what an hour a week of working on what matters to me, and putting actions to my thoughts, and beliefs, into manageable steps, can accomplish.
Thank you for making a difference in my life Magda. ❤️


I have known Magda for 18 years and she has never swayed from her deeply rooted faith. She has a visionary’s perception into the depth of people and their personalities . Integrity and compassion that Magda tackles life issues with = a valuable life coach.

K. Alexander

There are few people that I know who have the ability to be direct and assertive without offending and/or hurting, yet Magda Leaker is one of them. She has a keen and loving ability to see issues deeper than what’s on the surface and speak directly to them with deep insight and practical direction. I would recommend Magda in a heartbeat as wonderful coach and mentor!

Ryan Peters

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